Plenary Lecture

Since 2008, COSME organizes a Plenary Lecture at the Simposio de la Asociación Española de Economía (SAEe) inviting internationally reputed researchers in the field of Gender Economics or working on related fields.

Moreover, it promotes contributed sessions (COSME sessions) on topics related to Gender Economics in the Simposio, and organizes a free nursery service to participants.

This is the list of Plenary Lectures organized by COSME:

2017: Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University London): Economic Incentives and Gender Identity. Interview COSME Newsletter [link].

2014: Michèle Tertilt (University of Mannheim): Female Empowerment and Economic Development. Interview COSME Newsletter [link].

2013: Lena Edlund (Columbia University): The Power of “I do” — Individual Consent in Marriage and the Status of Women and Economic Development. Interview COSME Newsletter [link].

2012: Stefania Albanesi (Federal Reserve Bank of New York): Gender gaps in participation and unemployment: Aggregate implications for trends and cycles. Interview COSME Newsletter [link].

2011: Rachel Kranton (Duke University and Paris School of Economics): Beyond Money and Markets: Networks and Identity in Economics.

2010: Rohini Pande (Harvard Kennedy School): Using Microfinance to Empower Women.

2009: Raquel Fernández (New York University): Women’s Rights and Development.

2008: Luisa Fuster (IMDEA/University of Toronto): A Quantitative Theory of the Gender Gap in Wages.