Curso sobre Economía de Género

En la próxima edición de la  Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School  (Barcelona, julio 3-7, 2017) la profesora Libertad González, presidenta de COSME en 2016,  impartirá un curso sobre  Gender Economics. Solicitud on-line:  Fecha límite para la solicitud:  30 de Mayo de 2017 (Descuento por inscripción anticipada: 1 de Abril de 2017).

Gender Economics Workshop 2017- Call for Papers

Call for Papers –Gender Economics Workshop The 10th COSME Gender Economics Workshop (GEW) will take place on May 25-26, 2017 at Ramón Areces Foundation in Calle Vitruvio, 5, Madrid, Spain. COSME is a subcommittee of the Spanish Economic Association that evaluates and promotes the situation of women economists in academia. The workshop aims to provide […]

Conferencia sobre Discriminación en el Mercado de Trabajo en Universidad de Bern

A conference titled “Discrimination in the Labor Market” will take place at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, in Bern, on 28-29 August 2015. This conference will be both academic and policy oriented. Highly reputed researchers will present their latest findings on discrimination in the labor market.

UWIN Premio al Mejor Artículo sobre Economía de Género

UniCredit & Universities Foundation has launched the fifth edition of the UWIN Best Paper Award competition aimed at all young economists and researchers from all European countries belonging to the UniCredit perimeter. The prizes will be awarded to 2 outstanding papers on Gender Economics. The two best papers will receive € 5,000 gross each. It follows the link to our website for […]