As announced in early July, the Council of the EEA and the EJME Committee (with RES and SEA) have decided that the 2022 – 2023 job market will be held virtually. Our statement released in July, here, highlights the many factors impacting this decision. We would now like to provide more details about the 2022-2023 recruitment timeline, and the resources available through the EJME.

Timing: To ensure a coordinated market, the EJME committee strongly recommends adhering to the following timeline:


  • Virtual First Round Interview Dates: Monday, December 12 – Wednesday, December 14, 2022. (This allows candidates to participate without conflict in the Econometric Society Winter Meeting, which is in Berlin from December 16 – December 18).
  • In Person (and/or Virtual) Fly outs: January – March 2023
  • Offers: With deadlines no earlier than February 1, 2023. As noted in the EEA statement in July, there is increased awareness and concern about “exploding offers” (offers with very short deadlines or deadlines that pre-date the end of scheduled fly outs) imposing enormous stress on already stressed candidates. We urge recruiters to keep these potential costs in mind when making offers, and to eliminate the use of such offers if possible.


Candidate registration on the EJME Candidate Directory

Candidates can now register for the EJME Candidate Directory here. Candidate registration allows the candidate to list a profile in the directory through which recruiters can search (both during the regular season and post season clearing market). Registered candidates will also have access to all workshops that take place on the platform from late September onwards to help prepare for the job market.


Candidate workshops

We will offer a series of workshops on a (at least) monthly basis for students on the job market. These workshops will be geared to answering any questions candidates have about different aspects of the market – interviews, job talks, academic versus non-academic jobs, negotiating offers, etc. All information on these events will be advertised here and through Twitter (@EEANews) so please do keep an eye on these pages. If you would like to discuss something that does not appear on our calendar of events, please reach out to us and we can try to organise. Details on how to contact us at bottom of email.


Recruiter registration

Recruiters can register their support for the EJME immediately. There is no fee for registration and all recruiters showing their support for the EJME will be listed on a specific section on the EJME Candidate Directory. All recruiters will be able to upload key information about their departments, including links to their job postings (please note that we cannot accept to upload the posts only redirects). To create a profile, please fill out the registration form here. Full details on steps are written on this form. You are encouraged to complete it before October 31.


For any further information on any of the above aspects, please write an email to Gemma through


Best wishes,


Randi Hjalmarsson

Committee Chair for the EJME


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