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Committee on Industrial Economics

In December 2014 the Spanish Economic Association created its Committee on Industrial Economics, which simultaneously took over the organization of the Jornadas de Economía Industrial. The Jornadas are held annually and, with 30 years of history, are the most important conference held in Spain on issues related to research in industrial economics, market regulation and competition policy. Its excellent reputation has allowed it to become an outstanding meeting place for academics in these areas, not only in the Spanish context but also internationally.




Universidad Rovira i Virgili



University of Zurich



Universidad de Valencia



Universidad Pablo de Olavide


The duties of the Committee on Industrial Economics are:

1) To decide the venue of JEI and appoint the chair of the “local committee” who, in turn, decides his/her team.

2) To supervise its funds in the account of the Spanish Economic Association, being responsible for any income or expense decision.

3) To appoint the chair of the “scientific committee” who, in turn, decides his/her team trying to have members from different institutions. The “scientific committee” has a one-year mandate, which corresponds to the organization of an edition of JEI. Therefore, the Committee on Industrial Economics appoints the chair of the “scientific committee” every year during the fall term (i.e., after the celebration of JEI in September).

4) To supervise the “scientific committee” and the “local committee”, as well as to facilitate their coordination.

5) To maintain the link and communication with the Spanish Economic Association.

6) Other strategic decisions.


JEI-2010-Madrid: Johannes Muthers, presenting «Resale price maintenance: Hurting competitors, consumers and yourself» (joint paper with Matthias Hunold).

JEI-2011-Valencia: Andrew Rhodes, presenting «Re-examining the effects of switching costs».

JEI-2012-Murcia: Javier D. Donna, presenting «Complements and substitutes in sequential auctions: The case of water auctions» (joint paper with José Antonio Espín Sánchez).

JEI-2013-Segovia: DraganJovanovic, presenting «Mergers, managerial incentives, and efficiencies».

JEI-2015-Alicante: Manuel J. García-Santana, presenting «Competition and the welfare gains from transportation infrastructure: Evidence from the golden quadrilateral of India» (joint paper with José Asturias and Roberto Ramos).

JEI-2016-Palma de Mallorca: Lorenzo Magnolfi, presenting «Estimation of discrete games with weak assumptions on information» (joint paper with Camilla Roncoroni).

JEI-2017-Pamplona: Miguel Espinosa, presenting «Sourcing of expertise and the boundaries of the firm: The case of lobbyists».

JEI-2018-Barcelona: Jorge Lemus, presenting «Proportional restraints in horizontal patent settlements» (joint paper with Erik Hovenkamp).

JEI-2019-Madrid: Timo Klein, presenting «Autonomous algorithmic collusion: Q-learning under sequential pricing».

JEI-2021-online: Fabrizio Leone, presenting «Multinational enterprises, technology transfers and robot adoption».

JEI-2022-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Kevin Remmy, presenting «Adjustable product attributes, indirect network effects, and subsidy design: The case of electric vehicles».

JEI-2023-Bilbao: Jacopo Gambato, presentiing «Consumer search and firm strategy with multi-attribute products».