The 40th Simposio of the Spanish Economic Association (SAEe) was held in Girona on 10-12 December 2015, with great success
The 40th Simposio of the Spanish Economic Association (SAEe) had 415 participants and 334 papers were presented, covering a wide variety of topics. The internationally renowned keynote speakers were as follows:

1. SEA Presidential Address: “Are the Spanish Long-Term Unemployed Unemployable?”, Samuel Bentolila (CEMFI)

2. SEA Education Committee Lecture: “Core Economics: A New, Research-led, Approach to the Teaching of Introduction to Economics”, Antonio Cabrales (University College London) and “Experiential Learning: Experiments as a Teaching Tool”, Humberto Llavador (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

3. Invited Lecture: “Forecasting Elections: Voter Intentions versus Expectations”, Justin Wolfers (University of Michigan)

4. Invited Lecture: “Second Nature Geography, Trade, and Productivity”, Antonio Ciccone (Mannheim University and ICREA)

The recordings will be available soon in this website.