The Committee on Economics Education, in accordance with the provisions of the VI Undergraduate Thesis Award of the Spanish Economic Association, and considering the resolution proposals issued by the evaluation committee, resolves to award the first three positions to the following Bachelor’s Thesis (alphabetically ordered by the author’s last name):

  • Martí Llobet, Júlia (Autonomous University of Barcelona) – “Analyzing green gentrification in Madrid through a geographic regression discontinuity design”
  • Orts Torres, Alberto (CEU Cardenal Herrera University) – “Perspectives on the risk-return relationship of asset valuation models with predefined portfolios”
  • Pérez Padauy, Luís Antonio (University of Valencia) – “Carbon Tax and Technological Change in Europe’s Transition to Net Zero Emissions”

In addition, the committee has decided to mention five other Undergraduate Thesis (alphabetically ordered by the author’s last name):

  • Caballero Martínez, Sergio (University of Granada) – “Analysis of Inflation Variation through a Weighted Bayesian Model for the Study of Indirect Effects of Commercial Networks”
  • Hernández Rodríguez, Paula (University of La Laguna) – “Socioeconomic Inequalities in Waiting Times for Primary Care, Before and After COVID-19”
  • Jausàs i López, Andrea (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona) – “Does mood alter the level of rationality and cooperation of individuals?”
  • Martín Nieto, Jorge (University of Zaragoza) – “Growth, Automation, and Aging”
  • Van-Halen, María (Carlos III University, Madrid) – “Spillovers of US monetary policy shocks on Euro Area monetary policy”