SAEE 2021

Following you can find the videos of the presentations that took place at the Symposium of the Spanish Economic Association held in Bilbao on December 16, 17 and 18, 2021.

Presidential Address SAEe 2021 by Luisa Fuster (U. Carlos III): “Macroeconomic and Distributive Effects of Increasing Tax Revenue in Spain”

Keynote Lecture SAEe 2021 by Mar Reguant (Northwestern U.):
“The distributional impacts of the energy transition”

Keynote Lecture SAEe 2021 por Juan José Dolado (U. Carlos III):
“Zero-hours contracts in a frictional labor market”

Spanish Business Cycle Dating Committee Keynote Lecture SAEe 2021 by Gabriel Pérez Quirós (Banco de España)::
“Macroprudential, policies, risk, business cycles and long-term growth. Where are the trade-offs?”

SAEe 2021 – Interview with Mar Reguant

SAEe 2021 – Interview with Juan José Dolado